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The Zagreb City Museum

The exhibition shows the past of the City of Zagreb, from prehistory, traces of which were recently uncovered under the very building of the museum itself, to the present day.

Modern gallery

Offers more than 750 outstanding modern, more modern and the most modern exhibits of painters, sculptors, medal-makers and multi-media artists embodying some of the high points of the Croatian fine arts from the 19th to the 21st century.

Klovićevi dvori gallery

The Klovićevi dvori Gallery is the largest gallery institution in Croatia. It has a broad spectrum of work and organises art and culturological exhibitions ranging from prehistory to the present

The Memorial Centre of the Rocket Attacks on Zagreb

The permanent exhibition depicts the attack of the Yugoslav People's Army on the City of Zagreb as the political, social, economic and strategic center of the Republic of Croatia during the 1991 and 1995., war years.

Museum Mimara

The Fundus Museum is once a private collection of works by collector Ante Topić Mimare (1898 - 1987), which he has given to permanent ownership of the Croatian people.

Dubravkin put

Located in the Tuškanac Forest, just a few minutes walk from the city center, the Dubravkin put is conceived as a restaurant and wine bar. The interior is cozy, warm and modern, and the lounge on the terrace offers a beautiful view of the park and the forest.

Le Bistro Esplanade

Profinities and dedication to details, fresh home-made food, perfume and taste, are the finest French gastronomic offer.

Stari fijaker

In the pleasant ambience of the café you will be welcomed by kind staff and offer you home Zagorje-Zagorje dishes. The hosts proudly point out that the dishes are literally homemade, and they offer the best and most reliable quality.


Quiet, subtle place almost hidden in the heart of Zagreb. This is one of those restaurants where you will feel the attraction at first glance: colors, music, delicacies.


Located on the beach, "Lido" is the gastronomic corner with the most beautiful view of Lake Jarun - the popular Zagreb "sea".


Baltazar is one of the oldest restaurants in Zagreb. For 35 years we have been proving true love for food.


Restaurant Okrugljak is probably one of the most exclusive and traditional restaurants in northern Croatia
Lari & Penati

Lari & Penati

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